Sheriff’s Guide

Town Sheriff’s Guide

As a sheriff or deputy your duty is to your town but also to the county. Your job is to maintain town and county laws throughout the county as a whole.

  1. Deputies
    1. Hired by Sheriffs
    2. Will hold the role of Acting Sheriff in the case of Sheriff’s absence
    3. Must be registered at the Federal bank
    4. Must be an Adult
  2. Sheriff/Deputy Tools
    1. Handcuffs
      1. Crafted by Blacksmiths
      2. Exclusive use by law enforcement for non-lethal apprehension. 
    2. Lassos
      • Crafted by Wranglers
      • Can only be used on people by law enforcement for non-lethal apprehension.
    3. Whip
      • Crafted by Ranchers and Wranglers
      • Exclusive use by law enforcement for non-lethal apprehension.
    4. Bola
      • Crafted by Ranchers and Wranglers
      • Can only be used on people by law enforcement for non-lethal apprehension.
    5. Posse
      • A tool for the use of lawmen when there are few or no other lawmen about to assist them in a situation.
      • When a lawman asks lawmen/bounty hunters/detectives/citizens for help in apprehending a criminal they become part of a posse formed by that lawman.
      • Legal repercussions can follow a posse member if they act out of hand.
  3. Confiscating Items for Evidence
    1. If you confiscate items from a suspect, such as from their animal or their person, you must leave an itemized list to be given to the suspect upon release.
    2. Once the case is concluded either by trial or charges being dropped, the items must be returned to the owner. An exception to this rule is made for firearms in cases where the judge rules the person unfit to carry or voids a teenager’s firearm license.
  4. Jail
    1. Individuals may only be held in jail for a maximum of 60 minutes unless consent is given OOC to stay in longer
    2. Food and water must be provided by the arresting authority or designee. A law official MUST BE PRESENT throughout the duration of the jail time.
  5. Town Laws
    1. Town laws and punishments for violating town laws are at the discretion of the mayor and/or sheriff.
    2. It is at the discretion of the mayor and sheriff when setting up town laws if trials will occur when someone is caught breaking them, if so you must follow the same procedure as felony and high crime trials (see the trials section for more details).
    3. Town laws must be posted in the town, either outside or inside a public, unlocked building.
  6. Maker’s Marks
    1. A maker's mark is a marking upon an item such as a firearm or a piece of clothing that identifies the item as being made by that person.
    2. Generally speaking, maker’s marks can usually only be recognized by those in the same trade as the item in question if they are familiar with their work, however one can learn another’s maker's mark if they obtained the item from them directly.
    3. Maker’s Marks cannot be removed or altered.
    4. In Regards to Animal Theft the BREEDER must identify the animal’s lineage.
  7. Search Warrants
    1. How to Obtain
      • Only a Sheriff or Deputy can obtain a search warrant, they must go to a judge not tied to their own town and plead their case for wanting a search warrant, detailing to the judge who and which location(s) they wish to search.
      • They must provide evidence of proof such as an in-person witness testimony, written witness statements and if possible, a list of items lost or used during the course of the case they are investigating.
    2. Execution of Search Warrant
      • Only a Sheriff or Deputy can execute a search warrant.
      • Detectives may be on hand to assist but the Sheriff or Deputy that obtained the search warrant is in charge.
      • A location may only be searched with People awake that are living in the Town or Homestead.
      • Must follow the same rule as confiscating evidence.
    3. After the Search and Seizure
      • Items confiscated as evidence will be held by law until after a trial occurs.
      • Items may be returned sooner than that if it is determined that they were in fact not an item relevant to a case or crime.
      • Items can be held longer if relevant to another pending trial, including firearms. However, if the judge rules that the defendant is unfit to carry a firearm then firearms shall not be returned.
  8. Trials
    1. The trial must take place within 48 hours of the arrest.
    2. It is the responsibility of a Sheriff to seek out a Judge. The Judge may not be the JotP or a Special Judge of the arresting Sheriff’s town.
    3. The Judge is to negotiate a date and time for the trial to occur with the arrestee.
    4. If a judge cannot be found, only then a Sheriff can set a trial date.
    5. Both parties must agree to a date and time.
    6. If no agreement can be made then the trial date/time will default to 48 hours from the time of arrest.
    7. The trial itself can occur in the courthouse of the Judge or The Federal Courthouse.
    8. The defendant may appoint a lawyer to show up at their trial either alongside them or in lieu of them.
    9. The prosecutor, if different from the arresting Sheriff, may not be from the same town as the Judge.
    10. An announcement made in the #ic-announcements channel in the Discord.
  9. Executions
    1. When a guilty verdict is rendered for a high crime or a 5th (or 6th, if applicable) felony, the guilty party must be taken to a cell in the courthouse where they will be held for 45 minutes.Once this time is up they will be escorted outside to either the gallows or firing squad for their execution. Members of the firing squad should be law enforcement, exceptions can be made if there is not enough law for it. Minimum of 3 people must be on the firing squad.
    2. Escaping your execution: Should you escape from jail, you will forfeit your right to the 45 minute wait. Once you are recaptured you can be immediately executed. Should you die in the escape or any point afterward, within RPPvP initiation rules, your death is a perma-death.
  10. House of Refuge
    1. In cases involving delinquent children instead of normal punishment a judge can elect to send them out of the county to a House of Refuge in hopes that they are set straight.
    2. In cases of this sentence, the defendant will be granted 45 minutes in a secure location before being put on the train to a House of Refuge outside of the county.
    3. The player must log out once arriving at the train station.
    4. The player must skip a full season as this character before being allowed to bring them back as an adult.