County Laws

Redstone County Laws

These are laws determined by the county government. Crimes include maximum punishment guidelines which CAN result in an execution (perma-death) or having a felony applied to the guilty party’s record. An individual scoring a guilty verdict on their 5th felony can be executed by order of the sitting judge, however, it is not mandatory per county law until an individual is found guilty of their 6th felony, meaning the judge has the authority to grant you a “bonus” life. Teens and Adults can be charged with felony level crimes. Child characters are only permitted to engage in petty-crime level mischief but shall not engage in felonies or high crimes. 

  1. High Crimes: Below are crimes for which if the defendant is found guilty, the county mandates the punishment be execution by hanging or firing squad. The circumstances of the case, how convincing the evidence is, and the quality of the evidence are all factors that can shape a judge’s decision. If a judge feels the defendant is not guilty of a High Crime but is guilty of a felony level crime they may lower the charge when ruling and give punishment as they see fit. [Example: The defendant, who is charged with Attempted Murder is found by the judge to be not guilty of Attempted Murder, but is instead found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon.]
    1. Murder: Murder is the act of willfully taking another's life (reducing their health to 0 resulting in perma-death) with clear intent to do so.
    2. Attempted Murder: Attempted murder is the act of critically injuring another person (reducing their health to 0, without perma-death) with clear intent to do so.
    3. Bank Robbery: The act of robbing or attempting to rob a bank. Once the intent to rob a bank is shown, that is all that is needed to qualify for this. All parties involved in the act can be found guilty of the crime.
    4. Impersonating a Law Officer: The act of wearing any sort of lawman badge while not being registered at the Federal Bank of Redstone as such.
  2. Felony Level Crimes: Below are crimes that will garner a felony on your permanent record. These crimes have a maximum sentence of applying a felony to the guilty party’s record, but the maximum sentence is not required. Sentencing is at the judge’s discretion and can include things like jail time, monetary compensation, compensation with goods or materials, or community service.
    1. Manslaughter: Manslaughter is the act of critically injuring another person (reducing health to 0, no perma) someone without intent to do so.
    2. Cattle Rustling and Horse Theft: The act of stealing a cow or horse either via roping or robbery.
    3. Assault with a Deadly Weapon: The act of shooting, stabbing or otherwise harming another person that does not result in the critical injury of the victim. It is at the discretion of the lawmen to decide what constitutes a deadly weapon and when to apply this charge.
    4. Fine Evasion: Fine Evasion is the act of refusing to pay fines for crimes committed or illegal gambling licenses & not paying the Casino Commissioners fee. (Federal Bank Fines do not apply to this.)
    5. Criminal Intimidation: The act of threatening another person with a deadly weapon drawn.
    6. Illegal Possession or Use of a Firearm: Possession or use of a firearm by a teen character without a license, use of a firearm by a teen character with a revoked license or possession or use of a firearm by anyone after being deemed unfit to possess a firearm in the court of law.
    7. Obstruction of Justice: The act of providing false testimony under oath in the court of law.
  3. Petty Crimes: Petty crimes may be committed by any person in Redstone County. They are not felonies, however, every 3 petty crime convictions will result in a felony being applied to a person’s record. Child characters shall not be charged with felonies, however they will be sent to a house of refuge (removed from the county) if found guilty more than 3 times. Petty crime charges are dependent on the victim’s decision on whether or not to press charges. All punishment is left to the judge's discretion.
    1. Theft of Property: The act of acquiring belongings that are not rightfully yours to own.
    2. Vandalism: Defacing property that is not yours in any way shape or form.
    3. Property Damage: Intentionally damaging property that does not belong to you.
  4. Town Laws vs Rules:
    1. Towns make their own laws, which only they enforce. Please do not confuse town laws with server rules. Breaking the law of a town is not reportable to an admin or a bannable offense unless it actively breaks a server rule.
    2. Each Town must have their town laws available for all to read and easily be seen. (Either by Canvas or Journal)
    3. If you read the town rules in a Journal it must be returned to the container from which it was removed.
    4. Town laws and their corresponding punishments are at the discretion of the town’s mayor and sheriff.