Characters, Professions, Jobs & Tames

Allowed Characters

  1. Existing characters: Redstone RP operates in the same universe as other Wild West RP servers, meaning that if you have played a character in another GSRP style community, you may bring that character here so long as that character fits the following guidelines:
    1. Your character is still alive.
    2. Your character has become perma-dead in the past, but can make a reasonable case for stating that their death was either faked, mistaken or otherwise didn't happen.
    3. Your character did not become perma-dead in a public or documented manner such as documented execution by law enforcement, public death with witnesses or other perma-death that could have a serious provable case made for why it was definitely final.
  2. New Characters: You may roll into Redstone County as any new character you'd like, provided it passes the application process.

Character Rerolls

  1. Limit of 2 re-rolls per season.
  2. You may re-roll a character no sooner than 3 weeks from the time of character approval.
  3. Rerolling as the child/kin of your own Redstone RP character is forbidden.
  4. If your character becomes perma-dead during RP (meaning you didn't just drown them in the lake and call it perma-death), then you cannot be denied a new character based on the 2-re-rolls per season rule, however your character application will still be subject to approval by staff.

Mid-Season Profession Rerolls

  1. You may reroll your profession 1 time mid-season
  2. Mid-season profession re-rolls will not be accepted before the 4th week of the season.
  3. Mid-season re-rolls are only allowed for a previously held profession by said character.

Mid-Season Name Changes

  1. A person's legal name can be changed during the season in the following events and only if the person so chooses:
    • Adoption
    • Estrangement
    • Marriage
    • Divorce
  2. A legal name change must be filed with the Federal Bank and a fee of $25 will be due upon paperwork submission.
  3. Legal name change must include the following information:
    • Current name
    • Requested (new) name
    • Reason
  4. An in-person witness must be present at the time of filing. The witness must be directly related to the name change. Examples:
    • If you're being adopted, the person adopting you must be present to verify legitimacy of your request.
    • For marriage, your spouse must be present.
    • For estrangement & divorce, the other party is preferred but a sheriff or licensed judge may be present to validate your situation to the Federal Bank.

Tame Limits

  1. Tame limits are hard limits. There are no grace periods or exceptions. These limits must be adhered to no matter the situation.
    1. Ranchers & Wranglers: 15
    2. All other Professions: 5


  1. Rancher
    1. Exclusive Use: Apiary (Must be crafted by a Carpenter), Veggie Cakes, Fertilizer
    2. Tame: Everything EXCEPT Horses, Donkeys, Cattle
    3. Breed: Everything EXCEPT Horses, Donkeys
    4. Mixing Bowl: Strawberries, blueberries, and grapes must be made by Ranchers.
    5. Exclusive Craft: Crop Plots, Fertilizer
  2. Wrangler
    1. Exclusive Craft: Lasso & Saddle Stand
    2. Tame: Horses(all), Donkeys, Cattle
    3. Breed: Horses(all), Donkeys
  3. Cook
    1. Can make custom food and drink recipes in a cooking pot.
    2. Everything in the mixing bowl is made by cooks with one exception:
      • Strawberries, blueberries, and grapes must be made by Ranchers.
      • In RP, consider it that the Rancher is delivering to the cook a shipment of the berries.
    3. Cooks must make their own custom nutritional teas rather than using the faux medical teas in the Recipe Station from the eco mod, which are exclusive to Doctors.
      • Can craft things from the cooking and dinnerware section in the work table
    4. "Muffin Crafting"
      • Every good cook knows the ways to beat the system on custom cooking recipes. Please do not utilize the most convenient ingredients to create foods. Be realistic. Beasting out a chicken pot pie that magically only uses 50 cream to cook is not good RP and it is not what is best for the Redstone County in general.
      • Think of it this way: If someone gets ahold of your recipe for Steak and Potatoes and the ingredients make no sense, then you're cheating the system.
  4. Doctor (Adults Only)
    1. Can make custom medical recipes [Example: medical drinks or food items such as a pill or some other form of medical consumable]
      • Limited to one berry per recipe or if wanting a bit more realism for the medicine; using one of each ingredient the medicine contains.
      • These are meant to exist as an rp enhancer not act as something to sustain someone like a food or drink made by a cook.
      • The Faux Medical Teas in the Recipie Station from the eco mod are crafted by doctors only.
  5. Gunsmith (Adults Only)
    1. Can craft firearms as well as ammo for any firearms
      • Are the only ones allowed to use firearm blueprints
      • Do not require a weapon repair kit to repair firearms and may do so at their gun bench
      • Are the only ones allowed to craft weapon repair kits and may sell them to other players
  6. Blacksmith (Adults Only)
    1. Can craft metal tools, lighting and various other metal objects *see crafting guide*
      • Can spend 5 dollars to roll a random tool blueprint to craft a random tool of choice
      • Can craft tool repair kits and sell them
      • Do not require a tool repair kit to repair tools
      • May craft things from the lighting section of the work table 
  7. Carpenter (Adults Only)
    1. Can craft anything in CKFR as well as any building pieces above settler/thatch
      • Can craft many decorations and storage containers
      • Are the only ones able to craft Blue and above Bow/fishing rod blueprints (anyone can use these items after craft)
      • Poker tables are made by carpenters
      • Can craft all of the TABLES in the Work Table but may not craft items from the Cooking, Dinnerware or lighting sections
  8. Tailor
    1. Can craft clothing and hairstyles - see crafting guide for banned hairstyles and clothing pieces
    2. Can craft various materials some of which used by non tailors in their crafts (eg Tanned Leather)

Breeding & Baby Raising

  1. Breeding
    1. Animals that have professional restrictions can only breed within their own restrictions.
    2. For example: A Rancher cannot breed horses and a Wrangler cannot breed cattle, but you can have someone who has the correct profession breed the animals for you. They may charge a studding service fee!
  2. Baby Raising
    1. Babies
      • Once a baby reaches juvenile stage, anyone can raise the baby, as it is now eating from a trough.
    2. Imprinting (catching the baby at birth)
      • This can be done by anyone, regardless of class.
      • Baby Care Stew is a Cook only item and will give you a perfect imprint (100%).

There are several jobs one can take in Redstone County, some are self employed, some have you answering to another. Children cannot engage in any of these jobs, however teenagers can in an internship role, with some exceptions stated below.

  1. Bounty Hunter
    1. A registered job in the county.
    2. Bounty Hunters seek out wanted criminals and aides law enforcement.
    3. Must be linked to a town Sheriff.
      • Must be registered by a Sheriff with the Federal Bank.
      • A Bounty Hunter may only be linked to one Sheriff.
      • Sheriffs or Bounty Hunters may terminate the linking agreement at any time for any reason so long as the other party is notified immediately.
      • The Sheriff must notify the Federal Bank of the unlinking.
    4. Bounty Hunters only act when there is an active bounty or when they are invited to join a posse by a lawman.
      • In either situation they can subdue and bring in criminals to law enforcement, where they can then be arrested by law and brought into a jail cell.
      • Bounty Hunters are allowed the use of handcuffs and lassos when they are after a bounty or working with a Sheriff in a posse.
    5. Bounties
      • Bounties must be created by Mayors, Sheriffs, or Acting Sheriffs (Deputies).
      • When a bounty is placed, it must be put up within the town it originated from.
      • Lawmen may also go to other towns and ask if they can be put up there as well.
      • Bounties may not be reported in newspapers until a period of 6 hours has passed after being posted in the originating town.
      • Bounty hunters may turn in bounties to any town’s sheriff or deputies.
      • Payment for a bounty comes from the town it originated from.
  2. Detective
    1. Detectives are registered individuals who serve the role of a professional investigator.
    2. Detectives can either take cases from individuals who hire them or opt to work directly with Sheriffs and Deputies.
    3. Detectives may be linked to one Sheriff at a time, like Bounty Hunters, but are not required to and can operate independently or as part of an existing, non-Sheriff agency, such as Pinkertons.
      • Any Detective that wishes to be linked to a town Sheriff who agrees to take them must register with the Federal Bank in-person with the Sheriff that they will be linked to.
      • Detectives are allowed the use of handcuffs and lassos when joining a posse or linked to a town Sheriff.
      • Sheriffs or Detectives may terminate the linking agreement at any time for any reason so long as the other party is notified immediately. The Sheriff must notify the Federal Bank of the unlinking.
    4. Detectives must have an office either in a town or on their homestead.
    5. To register yourself as a Detective you must visit the Federal Bank with photos of your office. Use the ticket system in Discord to send pictures of your office, inside and out.
    6. Cannot claim money on bounties
  3. Firearms Instructor
    1. Must be an established Gunsmith or Sheriff.
    2. Gunsmiths must be vouched for by a Sheriff by way of the Sheriff passing a note to the Federal Bank indicating that they vouch for the gunsmith.
    3. Gun training RP must involve multiple sessions of training over the course of 1-2 weeks.
  4. Attorneys & Lawyers
    1. Any unlicensed citizen in good standing with the county, meaning no warrants for arrest, active bounties, or felony convictions, can step forward to represent a defendant in court.
    2. There are also licensed lawyers, these are citizens of the county with professional training and study in the law which have passed the Redstone County Bar Exam.
    3. Upon passing the Redstone County Bar Exam one can become a Licensed Lawyer.
    4. Licensed Lawyers can work as a lawyer in the county and can be hired for trials either as prosecution or defense.
    5. Teens can apprentice under a Lawyer as a paralegal, but must be an adult to register as a lawyer.
    6. See Lawyers section and Bar Exam section for more details.
  5. Newspaper Editor-in-Chief
    1. A job available within towns that have the Newspaper Perk.
    2. Along with the ability to publish a newspaper and write articles, they can hire Newspaper Contributors to work on the town newspaper.
    3. Teens cannot take on this role but can become a contributor.
    4. Newspapers are not a place to post your angry rants and opinions. Newspapers should report the news & post advertisements for local businesses. This is the late 1800's. Ink and Paper was EXPENSIVE and Printing Presses were still being worked on. You are printing these individually by hand! Players who post papers that are found to be toxic or engaging in passive aggressive jabs at other players or characters will have their permissions to post their newspapers removed for 7 days and the paper deleted.
  6. Newspaper Contributor
    1. This encompases a few possible roles under a newspaper such as:
      • Photographer
      • Reporter
      • Editor
      • Columnist
      • Etc.
    2. Hired by and works under the Editor-in-Chief.
    3. Teens can be hired as contributors.
    4. Children cannot be hired but there is nothing stopping them from submitting a story to the editor-in-chief.
  7. Teacher
    1. An educator of children and teenagers, can start their own school on their homestead or work out of a school in a town.
    2. Teens can apprentice as a teacher’s assistant but cannot assume the role of Teacher until they are an adult.
  8. Barber
    1. A hair cutter and stylist.
    2. Can have a barber shop on their homestead or within a town.
    3. Must take photos of their shop exterior and interior and give them to the Federal Bank by way of the Discord ticket system so they can be approved as a barber.
    4. The bank will give you a hairstyles tonic and a barber pole for your shop.
    5. Teens can be barbers, children cannot.