Banditry & Conflict

Banditry RP

IMPORTANT: Please consider pacing when doing Banditry RP, by that we mean consider your fellow players on the receiving end. For example, do not repeatedly rob the same people or town. This is not standard ARK PvP.

The goal of your banditry RP is to further enhance RP. This is absolutely not standard ARK PvP. If it is determined that your banditry RP is not RP-centric, but instead is just shoot-em-up PvP or only focused on manipulating the game to “win”, you will be investigated by the staff. Staff investigations will consist of counseling on understanding the overall goal of Redstone RP. Subsequent investigations for repeat offenders will result in disciplinary action.


  • Conflict/Bandit RP is creating a good story for your victims.
  • Your victim should understand why they are being targeted BEFORE violence is committed.
    • "I see you are coming back from the market stalls, you must have some money for me!"
    • "This is our valley, you gotta pay us to travel through here!"
    • "My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!"
    • These are examples of good RP conflict for the victim.
  • Being gunned down during an inane conversation and not finding out why until the next day gives the victim nothing to build their injury RP story on.
  • If you shoot someone unconscious and decide to finish them off, do the movie evil mastermind thing and tell them why you are killing them while they are unconscious. They can hear you and it gives them something to work with during their injury RP.

  1. Robbery Evidence Notes: If no one is in the vicinity to witness the robbery, you MUST leave behind a note stating clues as to who the perpetrator is. This note must include clues as to what you look like, where you live and your profession.
    • Example of a good evidence note: “A Short strand of dark hair, scented with gunpowder, with a strong scent of pine - This note indicates that you have short, dark hair, you are a gunsmith & you live in an area with pine trees.
    • Example of a bad evidence note: “Dusty footprints are in the dirt” - This note indicates that you did not read and understand the rules and have subsequently just broken them. This note will trigger a staff investigation.
  2. Stealing From Animals: You may steal from animals but you must leave an evidence note. Do not kill already passive animals to steal from them.
  3. Robberies:
    • When stealing/holding up a person or persons, remember the punishments for injuring them critically or non-critically. Use a real-world brain when deciding whether or not to injure your victim.
    • When stealing from a container/home or sleeping person, you MUST leave an evidence note!
    • Take ONLY what you want and leave the rest.
    • You can only loot containers that are unlocked.
    • You can forcefully request that boxes be unlocked. You cannot break them open if you are denied.
    • You may enter unlocked doors and unlocked containers that you can reach.
    • There is a 1.5 hour cooldown for how long you must wait between robberies.
    • This Crime can be either Theft of Property or Criminal Intimidation, depending on the circumstances of the robbery.
  4. Breaking & Entering:
    • You can not break into a structure that has become “Demolish Allowed!”
    • A citizen of the county is allowed to break into another citizen's structure or container if ALL of the following conditions are met:
      • A member of the victim homestead/town is ONLINE (this does not mean they must be home)
      • Some level of RP has been had between the offender and the victim at some point in time. Don't just go breaking into stuff because you feel like it.
      • A proper evidence note is left behind
    • Any person can defend any structure or container that is being broken into. The act of using a tool on a door in order to break down a door is initiation.
    • A Sheriff or Deputy may break down a door to apprehend a criminal. In the event the suspect is away from home the door must be left behind in the owner's mailbox, along with a note detailing the following:
      • Why the door was broken
      • Name of the lawman responsible
      • Name of the town of which the lawman represents
    • IMPORTANT: Do NOT move or remove a sleeping person from their home.
  5. Changing Out Of Disguise: The following applies to all robberies EXCEPT bank robberies. For requirements pertaining to bank robberies, see section 6 below.
    • Upon reaching your homestead/home, you may fully change your clothing.
    • You cannot change hair color/style for 24 hours from the time you committed a crime.
    • You must keep one article of clothing from the crime and it cannot be altered and it must be kept on your person, on the horse you are riding, or the pet on your shoulder, along with a clothing evidence note (see below).
    • After 36 hours, you can place the evidence in your home but you may not dispose of it. If the article of clothing is used more than once, it MUST have individual notes tying it to each crime. This is to give details on where and what happened in relation to the crime that occurred while the article of clothing was worn.
      • Example of a Clothing Evidence Note: “The vest jacket is bloodied and a clear bullet hole is visible through the sleeve, there is a dried patch of mud with green algae one could find in the swamp on the back”
  6. Bank Robbery:
    • Bank robbery is a massive undertaking which takes lots of planning and casing by up to 5 people.
    • Bank robbery is a form of initiation.
    • Do not use excessive force. This is obviously situational. [Example: If the only people awake in town is 2 adults, 1 teen and 3 children, this means you have 3 possible opponents. Do not bring a posse of 8 people. Use common sense and remember to make choices that are RP-centric.]
    • If removing yourself from a scenario, you MUST move out of render distance. Meaning if you intended to participate in a bank robbery, but then decided not to for the above mentioned reason, for example, you must move completely away so as not to be confused as a perpetrator by citizens or law enforcement.
    • A robbery evidence note must be left behind if no one interacts during the robbery.
    • A group may only rob a bank once per week. [Example: Your group robs a bank at 1pm on Friday so you must wait until 1pm next Friday to rob another bank.]
    • Any combination of adults and/or teen characters equating to 3 or more must be present in the town for a bank robbery to occur. [Example: You can rob a bank if 1 adult and 2 teens are present. You cannot rob a bank if 1 adult, 1 teen and 1 child character is present]
    • You may not change your appearance for a period of 48 hours after a bank robbery. This includes changing your hairstyle/hair color or changing clothing/clothing color. You can, however, remove a mask if you were wearing one so long as it isn’t part of a hairstyle.
    • Explosive Barrels, when used for criminal activity, may ONLY be used on bank structures, jail structures or bank vaults. Do NOT use explosive barrels on groups of people or to damage another person’s property. (Yes, you can blow up your own house)
  7. Kidnapping & Jail Time:
    • Players can be held captive for up to 60 minutes (real time) unless consent is given by both parties involved OOC or through the passing of a note IC.
    • Roleplay must continue through the entire time with the hostage, otherwise you must release them. (No one wants to be left alone in a dark room for an hour of gameplay.)
    • Murdering a hostage requires OOC consent (the player elects perma-death from the incident).
  8. Combat Logging
    • Your character MUST remain awake (online in the game) for at least 45 minutes after engaging in criminal activity.
    • If an emergency causes you to log off before the 45 minutes is over, you are required to notify staff by opening a support ticket in the Discord.
    • Do not engage in criminal activity unless you are sure that you can stay online in-county for at least 45 minutes.



A duel is an agreement between two people. There are no legal consequences for duels hence why law officials, witnesses and doctors MUST BE PRESENT. If not, it is an illegal duel and would be classified as Manslaughter or Murder charge.


  1. Collect an officer of the law, a doctor & a witness (3 total individuals) to attend the duel.
  2. An officer of the law or witness must initiate the countdown.
  3. Engage in the duel
  4. After the duel has ended the doctor must confirm the death of one or both participants.
  5. If you agree to a duel and are killed it is considered a perma-death on your character.