Redstone Rules

Redstone RP Handbook

Logging into Redstone RP is an acknowledgement that you, the player has read and understands all rules that will apply to your experience. If clarification is needed, please file a support ticket in the Redstone RP Discord.

Please do not directly message (DM) any staff member unless consent has been given. The ticket system in the Discord should be used for any and all staff assistance. 

Thank you,

Redstone RP Staff

Usage of this Guide

At the bottom of each page there are "Next/Previous Section" buttons but you can jump around sections by using the menu at the top-right-hand corner of the page. There is also a search function that will allow you to search our guide.


    • RP: Roleplay
    • RSRP: Redstone Roleplay
    • IC: In Character
    • OOC: Out of Character
    • Character: Your in-game persona
    • Perma-death: The act of removing your character from the RP world permanently by way of character death by choice OR under the following circumstances: Hangings, Firing Squads and Legal Duels.
    • Re-Roll: Creating a new character and starting RP over fresh
    • GSA:
    • Powergaming: Using something that isn’t possible to “win” in an RP situation. Another example of powergaming is forcing RP onto someone else, RP must be created organically not forcefully.
    • Metagaming (meta): Utilization of outside information in an RP scenario that you have not gained in-game. Metagaming is strictly forbidden on Redstone RP and is punishable by removal.
      • Examples: Using info in RP that you saw on a stream. Using info in RP that you gained on Discord or anywhere other than in-game. Stream Sniping to find a player in-game.
    • HUD: Head Up Display: The portion of the in-game screen that gives you information such as: Health, Stamina, "Tool Belt", other player's names, structure ownership, animal names/levels, etc.
    • Nameplating: Utilization of your ARK HUD to determine information not provided to you via RP, for example: Another player's name.

The Redstone County Federal Bank

  1. Bank Openings:
    • Redstone County Federal Bank and the immediate surrounding area is a non-conflict zone during bank hours. This means absolutely no banditry, arrests, or other conflict is allowed in the immediate area starting 30 minutes before the bank is open and ending 30 minutes after the bank closes.
    • The staff’s goal is 2 bank openings per day.
    • Each bank opening will last for 30 minutes, though more time may be allowed if needed, meaning we will not kick you out of line at the 30 minute mark.
  2. Your Federal Bank Account
    • Upon entering the county for the first time, your character will be entitled to a $50 inheritance that was left by a distant relative. This is the only time this will occur.
    • Your character must deposit $50 into their Federal Bank Account prior to the end of the season in order to carry it over to the next season.
    • 2% of any other deposits to the Federal Bank will be returned to your character at the beginning of the next season as well.
      • Example: Ricky Bo Bicky deposits $250 into his Federal Bank Account at the end of Season 92. This means Mr. Bo Bicky will receive his $50 deposit when he visits the Federal Bank during Season 93, plus 2% of the additional $200 that he deposited, which equals $54.
      • In math genius terms, ((Your Federal Bank Account Balance - $50) * 0.02) + $50 = Your available balance for the next season.

General Rules

  1. World Peace. RedstoneRP is owned and operated by ARKstuff Servers, a Neebs Gaming fan server community. #WorldPeace is a pillar of Neebs Gaming’s YouTube channel and therefore is a pillar of our community. Please respect your fellow players & you should expect respect in return.
    • Discrimination: Hate speech or harassment of any form (Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, sexual harassment or abusive language, etc) will not be tolerated and will gain you instant removal from RedstoneRP and/or ARKstuff Servers.
    • Dramatic outbursts in public chat will be grounds for investigation, warning or removal from RedstoneRP and/or ARKstuff Servers.
  2. Age Restriction: Due to the theme of our server community and its adult-themed content (violence, drugs, alcohol, foul language), We are a 16+ server. By applying, you acknowledge that you are 16 years of age or older and willing to provide proof if asked. If reasonable suspicion arises and you are unwilling to provide proof, removal will be necessary.
  3. Don’t Cheat! Do not use any form of exploits, glitches, or abuse of in-game mechanics. If you become aware of any such exploits, glitches or abusable in-game mechanics, please report it via the ticket system available in the Discord.
  4. Metagaming (meta): See definition above and watch this video for our stance on metagaming.
  5. Nameplating: The utilization of information gained from your HUD such as player names, structure ownership, animal names or levels, etc. is strictly prohibited. The ONLY way to learn this information is via RP. Examples:
    • Someone must tell you their name. Your character cannot gain knowledge of their name from their hovering name plate over their character.
    • Walking up to someone's homestead and seeing that its owned by "Ralph Mouth" by way of HUD is prohibited. This information does not exist. You must find this information via RP or a posted sign.
    • Animal name/level information does not exist by looking at the animal. If you're at a horse track, you cannot tell that Seabiscuit can run real fast for a long time just by looking at it standing still. The only way to gain information is for the owner of the animal to tell you verbally or show you the animal's "paperwork" stored in the animal's saddle bags, or inventory.
    • If in doubt, press BACKSPACE to turn your HUD off, and if it's not available when it's off, then it doesn't exist.
  6. Inappropriate Roleplay: Absolutely NO Erotic RP, grotesque, offensive or graphic RP on this server. This includes:
    • Erotic Roleplay (ERP): Explicit references to sex or sexual acts, the descriptions of sexual acts, nudity (Like a painting on a wall) and all other forms of sexual roleplay.
    • Graphic references or RP related to suicide or rape will land you a permanent ban!
    • Torture will ONLY be allowed in minimal details and if ALL parties involved consent OOC and notify staff via The Ticket System.
  7. Microphone Policy: You must have a working microphone.
  8. Terms of Service: Behavior in the Discord or on the server that violates the Twitch Terms of Service OR Discord Terms Of Service is strictly Prohibited.
  9. Discord Names: In order to gain access to Redstone RP, you must be a member of the RedstoneRP Discord. Upon entry, it is required that you change your nickname to some form of the following template: Your Name (Character Name)
  10. IC vs OOC:
    • Do not acknowledge Discord, staff or anything OOC while in RP (Discord Examples: “DMs”, “Land of Discordia”, “Ravens”, “Messenger Pigeons”) Staff Examples: “Eyes in the sky”
    • Keep IC and OOC separated. You are playing a character, aka “acting” in a sense. You are not to allow the two to cross into one another.
  11. Voice Mods: Voice mods are allowed on our server, They must be realistic and clear sounding.
  12. External Discords: If you decide to create a separate Discord for towns, homesteads, etc relating to Redstone RP gameplay, a staff member must be invited to the Discord. Metagaming is a plague to RP servers and refusal to adhere to this rule will be extremely suspicious. Please create a ticket in the Discord and inform the staff of the creation of external Discords pertaining to or including chatter regarding Redstone RP.
  13. Broadcasters and their Communities: If you stream from Twitch, YouTube, or any other live platform, do not acknowledge that you are streaming while in game. Using terms like “Twitchy Eyes” or anything else that refer to your stream, is not allowed as this breaks character immersion. Do NOT use any information your viewers give to you in chat that can influence your character's choices in-game. This is considered metagaming. If your community is getting out of hand and out right disrespecting another player it is your duty as a face for Redstone RP to quell this immediately and get your moderators to help you. Toxicity in any form will not be tolerated.
  14. Combat Logging: Combat logging is not allowed. Combat logging is the act of intentionally logging off to avoid in-game conflict.
  15. Kill on Sight: Killing on sight (KoS) is not allowed.
  16. Character Immersion: Stay in character at all times. There is NO EXCUSE to break character. The proper way to excuse yourself from your computer is to go find a restroom IC. If you need to take a break, your character should go take a nap. If someone is breaking immersion, open a ticket.
  17. Eavesdropping: Listening to conversations inside buildings from outside is not allowed unless there are obvious openings such as Settler cracks, opened windows, jail bars, or opened shutters. “DO NOT PICK UP WALLS, DOORS,OR WINDOWS YA CHEEKY BASTARDS.” -Jinxi
  18. Fast Travel: Using ARK’s Fast Travel feature via beds is not allowed.
  19. Character Creation
    • Try to create your characters realistically. For example: If you are playing a child, you can’t be a giant, you must be childlike in size and features.
    • Please do not roll a character from Movies, Books, TV, or History. We will be Googling!
    • Be original with your character’s name. Please roll theme appropriate characters.
  20. Family or Group RP: If you are a group of players who know each other; we encourage you to pre-plan your RP and backstory application to work together.
  21. Heirlooming: If your character is killed in RP and you decide to perma-death and re-roll into a new character, your new character may not avenge your previous character's death, ask for your old character’s stuff or utilize a pin-code to access anything your old character left behind.
  22. RP-PVP/PVE: This is an RP first, PVP second server. Before opening fire and beginning PVP one must have proper interaction. Demands must be reasonable and achievable. Shooting will NEVER be the first answer, no matter what side of the law you are on.
  23. New Life Rule: If you are reduced to ZERO HP (Your character was killed) in PVP, the following applies:
    • You must not respawn your character for 10 minutes.
    • Your character will be unable to recall full details from the situation. This does not mean you cannot remember anything. Leave some mystery and story for others to follow from your injury. Get creative.
      • Example: You must RP some form of foggy memory or amnesia.
  24. Eating and Drinking in Combat: Chugging down food, drink, berries, stimulant, brews, and other such things while in combat is completely unrealistic & will not be tolerated. No feeding stimulant/stim berries to downed allies during combat. If you are in a shootout, wait until the dust settles.
  25. Not Valuing Life: You should always be considering your character's life as if it is your own. Example: Being held at shotgun point with no means of escape should NOT result in running and instead result in complying. ...and don't go fist fighting bears ffs -Sil
  26. Animals: Animals should be used for defense purposes ONLY (Neutral behavior)
  27. PVE: If there is no player around when you are reduced to 0 HP in a PVE scenario, you are not required to follow through with injury RP, this is left to your own choice.
  28. Missing limbs and other body parts: When you elect to lose a limb, regardless of the reason for injury or the RP surrounding it, You made the choice to lose your limb or eye, you need to commit to that RP.
  29. Animal Tagging: Tamed animals must be tagged like so: Prince [Joe Blow] or Prince [J. Blow] or other equivalent so long as it's clear the animal belongs to you. Keep the tag consistent across all your animals.
  30. Sleepers: If you happen upon a person sleeping, meaning logged off or disconnected, you may drag them to a safe area if it is necessary or build them a temporary 1x1 structure to keep them safe, remember to provide them with a key! You may steal from sleepers provided you leave an evidence note!
  31. Inactivity: If you are inactive for 14 days, your home will be demolished and your animals culled by the staff. If you plan to be away for a period of 14 days or longer please let the staff know and place a sign outside your homestead letting people know you are out of town with the date of your return. Players demolishing structures that have fallen into disrepair (Demolish Allowed) is not allowed under any circumstances.
  32. Threatening Notes: While threatening notes (or drawings) can make for great RP, they must be signed with your first and last initials at a minimum.
    • Example: “Watch your tongue or you won’t have one -B.A.”
  33. RP PvP Injuries
    1. If you suffer injuries while in RPPvP Combat, there is a medical recovery cooldown, which means your character must RP as an injured person for the duration of the specified timer. The timers are in REAL TIME HOURS and the timer starts at the time of injury and ends after the specified time period regardless of online status. If you are a doctor, you cannot treat yourself, you must seek aid from another doctor. This rule applies to aggressors as well as victims. Timers are as follows:
      1. Non-critically injured during PvP (Your character did not need to respawn):
        • No medical treatment: 12 hrs
        • Doctor’s visit: 4 hrs minimum *
        • * If you feel your injury was more severe than this time period states, please feel free to add more time to promote realistic, quality RP.
        • * Use common sense and severity of injury to determine "injured RP"
      2. Critically injured, reduced to 0HP during PvP (your character was required to respawn):
        • No medical treatment: 48hr cooldown
        • Doctor’s visit: 24h cooldown
      3. Re-injury during medical recovery
        • Your cooldown is reset using the guidelines above.
        • 3 HEART ATTACK RULE:
          • Your character will have ONE involuntary heart attack if all of the following are met:
            • Your character is in either a 48hr or 24hr "critical injury cooldown" period as specified in section (ii) above.
            • Your character is engaging as an aggressor in RP PvP.
            • Your character becomes re-critically injured (reduced to 0 HP and must respawn)
          • Your character's THIRD heart attack will result in complete unrecoverable cardiac arrest which will result in perma-death.
          • Examples:
            • Your character is critically injured during a bank robbery and the doctor in your bandit group treats you (This makes your cooldown 24 hours). Then, 12 hours later you attempt to rob someone and they critically injure you. This gives you one heart attack and your "critical injury cooldown" period restarts.
            • Your character is critically injured while getting robbed and does not seek medical attention (This makes the cooldown 48 hours). Then, 30 hours later your character is critically injured while being attacked by another person. This does NOT give you a heart attack because you were not the aggressor, but your "critical injury cooldown" period will restart.
            • Your character is critically injured defending the town against a gang of bandits and seeks medical attention (This makes the cooldown 24 hours), then 4 hours later decides to go help law enforcement apprehend the criminals and gets critically injured again. This gives you one heart attack and your "critical injury cooldown" period restarts.
            • Your character is mauled by bears and critically injured. This is not an RP PvP injury, but rather a PVE injury, so this rule does not apply.
          • Heart attacks shall be reported to the staff team via Discord support ticket. Failing to report a heart attack is a violation of the rules. Player deaths are monitored via server logs.
          • Aggressor is defined as the character who initiated the situation that would cause another character to fear for their own physical well-being, such as drawing a weapon, firing shots or other action that would warrant physical self defense. Simply talking smack does not make someone the aggressor in this situation.
          • Heart attacks do not apply to any character who has successfully completed their critical injury cooldown period.
          • Heart attacks go on your character's record and carry through the seasons.
          • If your character's story involves RPing a heart attack outside of this situation, it is not an involuntary heart attack and does not go on your character's record.
  34. Paint
    • Blank canvases and other blank things that can be drawn on are allowed to be painted upon.
    • Animals may have war paint, however, shall not be completely covered in paint.
    • Animals may be branded using paint.
    • Criminal Painting: Anything listed below will fall into the Petty Crimes category. For examples of evidence notes, please see the Petty Crimes section.
      • Painting anything/anyone without their permission requires an evidence note to be left in their pocket.
      • Painting on non-blank canvases and other such things with art on them without permission is considered vandalism and requires an evidence note to be left behind.
      • Drawing or writing something that is a threat or an insult requires an evidence note to be left behind as well.
  35. Selling Animals at the Gypsum Market (Market Stalls)
    • Important: You are required to maintain your character's number of tames under the applicable tame (tag) limit for your class at all times with ONE exception:
      • Animals that are to be culled or sold may be allowed to remain alive in excess of your tag limit throughout the duration of your online session. Once your character goes to sleep (logs off), this period expires and any animals over your tag limit will be a rule violation. If your character is unable to take the animals to the market, they must be culled or transferred to another citizen who can bare the tags. Animals that are to be sold at the Gypsum Market must not be bred in the town of Gypsum or be bred on the way to market as a way to get a few extra dollars. This is regarded as an exploit and is in violation of rule #3 (Don't Cheat!).