Beginner’s Guide

Where do I even begin?

Whether you're new to RP gaming in general, new to Wild-West RP or new to ARK RP, whatever the situation is, this should be a great guide on how to get started in Redstone County. If you follow this guide you will have no issue getting approved and in the action ASAP with an acceptable understanding of what is going on.

First things are first...

  1. Have a copy of ARK: Survival Evolved on Steam. DLC's are not required.
  2. Have a working microphone & please make sure it doesn't sound like Skid Row screaming into the Burger King drive-thru. If your mic is too loud, people in game may try to alert you to this fact by saying something like "Why are you talking so loud?"
  3. Read the rules. Read them to their entirety.
  4. Join the Redstone RP Discord. Applications will not be approved for people who have not entered the Discord. The Discord is where ALL announcements and other correspondence will be made. Also, the staff help ticket system is located there. Click here to join.

If you're still interested at this point...

  1. Start your application. In the menu at the top-right-hand corner of your screen there's a drop down for "Applications". Click "Join Redstone RP" and you will be whisked away like a tumbleweed in the wind to the Land of Whitelisting Applications. Please read all of the instructions and fill out your application. This is where you will choose your character's name, age group, profession, etc. Once you submit this application, the staff will review it and decide whether it is accepted or rejected. Please do not pester the staff about your application. We will most certainly get to it ASAP. If your application is rejected, you will be told why. If you follow the instructions you should have no issue. Once your application is approved, you're cleared to join the server!
  2. Subscribe to the mods included on the mod list.

What do I do once I'm in game!?

  1. Create your character's build. Please try to make your character look human and appropriate for your intended character's age. Doing the whole smallest arms and legs, largest head thing will get your character deleted. Only trolls do this.
  2. Name your character the name you placed on your application. If you are a child or teenage character don't forget to add the [C] or [T] to the front of your character's name!
  3. Spawn at the Train Station. Spawning anywhere else is a rule-break. The only way into the county realistically is by train, considering you have no clothing, money, food, etc... This is to be referred to as "getting off the train". People in the 1800s have no idea what "spawning in" means, and quite frankly if you say it around someone's lady, you may get pistol whipped or shot. Not a good way to start off your life in Redstone County. It's a common occurrence for the railroad to lose everyone's belongings on the way to Redstone County, especially with all those pesky train robbers in the west.
  4. Once you've spawned in, *ahem*, got off the train, ensure you select the proper class or profession. If you put "Carpenter" on your application, then you best be clicking on "Carpenter". If you mess this up, you will need to re-create your character. This will be a huge screen that you cannot miss.
  5. Create a Tribe! This is absolutely essential. Being a character without a tribe can cause headaches for not only yourself, but any homestead or town you may join, and the staff. When naming your tribe, name it either your character's name or something Westerny. Tribe of Bob is ARK-y, not Western-y. If you forget, it's likely someone in the county will ask you something like, "Have you created your homestead yet?" or something like that. This means make a tribe.
  6. The appropriate thing to do at this point would be to whip up some cloth clothing or something to cover yourself. This may be the wild-west but there are women and children around here.
  7. Make your way into Gypsum, the county seat of Redstone County. Here, you will find the Federal Bank and if you're lucky, someone to help you along your way.
  8. If the Federal Bank is open, stop in and make a withdrawal slip and give it to a bank teller. Who knows, someone may have left you some cash when they heard you were headed this way.
  9. That's about all we can tell you from here. Everything else will be a part of your story in Redstone County. If you need to know how to do anything at all in-game, don't bother asking in the Discord. The people in the Discord will tell you to "learn it in RP". If you need help, seek out a fellow citizen of the county and ask them what to do.
  10. Last but not least, remember, this is an immersive RP experience. Don't refer to things such as "the server" (it's the county), going AFK (instead find an in-game bathroom and excuse yourself to there), lag (maybe you're feeling woozy for a moment?), staff or discord (these things don't exist in the 1800s). You get the idea. Don't break character and have a good time.

Still have questions?

If you're in the Discord, go to the #create-ticket channel and create a staff help ticket. There, we will be more than happy to help.

Thank you for your interest in Redstone RP!

- Redstone Roleplay Staff