Welcome to Redstone County!

What is Redstone RP?

Redstone RP is a modded ARK: Survival Evolved server dedicated to Wild West style roleplay set in late 1800s Colorado and is modeled on the foundation built by Gunsmoke RP (GSRP) and utilizes many of the same mods & ideals.

What is Redstone County?

Redstone RP is a new take on the Western RP idea that incorporates many of the ideals that made GSRP great, but with some added abilities and items. Most of the experience will be very familiar but with some refreshing updates. Life in Redstone County is not easy. It's a wide open county filled with people just trying to make their way on the frontier the best way they can, legal or not.

Redstone County Features

  • Hosted on the highest possible tier GSA server featuring:
    • 21GB Memory
    • 3x CPUs @ 5Ghz per CPU
  • Single Professions
  • Realistic voice mods are allowed
  • Mic is required
  • Ability to carry over some of your earnings from season-to-season

What is GameserverApp.com?

GameserverApp.com is an amazing server hosting experience providing the highest hardware & customer service in the industry. We use GSA now and always will. For more information, click the GSA logo below.

What is ARKstuff Servers?

ARKstuff Servers is a Neebs Gaming fan community that has been operating Xbox/Windows 10 & Steam ARK: Survival Evolved servers since 2017 with a key focus on customer service and the Neebs Gaming message of #WorldPeace. For more information, click the ARKstuff logo below.